19 Dec 2013

Nitrogen Notes

A basic understanding of the reactions of nitrogen in soils provides a solid foundation for making wise nutrient stewardship decisions. This series of fact sheets, written by IPNI staff, covers the major nitrogen fertilizer transformations that occur in crop production.

10 Sep 2012

Crop N Management Following the 2012 North American Drought

Two articles on crop N management following the 2012 North American Drought have been published recently. The articles are titled "Drought, Nitrogen and Water Quality?" and "Capturing Residual Soil Nitrogen with Winter Cereal Cover Crops".

18 Apr 2012

Nutrient Source Specifics

Kieserite is a naturally occurring mineral that is chemically known as magnesium sulfate monohydrate (MgSO4.H2O). It is mined from geologic marine deposits and provides a soluble source of both Mg and S for plant nutrition.

Close up of wheat plants showing N deficiency - younger leaves yellowing
18 Apr 2012

Nitrogen focused publications

From the pages of Better Crops with Plant Food

13 Jan 2011

Delhi Declaration on Reactive Nitrogen Management for Sustainable Development

IPNI was a major sponsor of the 5th International Nitrogen Conference held in New Delhi, India.

Program Profile

Nitrogen — Plants cannot survive without nitrogen (N). Healthy plants contain up to 5% of this vital nutrient and the Earth’s atmosphere is about 78% N…it is all around us. There are approximately 75 million lb of N in the atmosphere above each acre. Huge amounts of N are also present in soils, water bodies, and fossil fuels. But although N is in abundant supply, it must be converted to a different form before plants can use it.

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