08 Dec 2016

Plant Nutrition Today 2016, Issue #4, No. 2

A quarterly series featuring current issues on plant nutrition. Our weekly highlighted article is "THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER'S WORLD OF NITROGEN MANAGEMENT" by Dr. Cliff Snyder.

07 Dec 2016

Frontiers of Potassium: Monthly Topic Review on Examining Global Potassium Resources

During the upcoming Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference (January 2017), the global resource base of potash minerals will be reviewed, with a look at long-term sustainability

29 Nov 2016

Research with Impact

Grain legumes are an important source of dietary protein and income for farmers in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Soybean production provides smallholder farmers in Kenya and Uganda with an alternative cash income, improves nutritional security and contributes to the soil N supply through biological fixation. Smallholder farmers currently apply little or no fertilizer on soybean and prefer to use it on other crops instead, which has contributed to poor soybean yields.

29 Nov 2016

Better Crops South Asia

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) X(10) 2016, No. 1. A Special Issue on 4R Nutrient Stewardship!

22 Nov 2016

Frontiers of Potassium: Monthly Topic Review on Potassium and Crop Quality

During the upcoming Frontiers of Potassium Science conference (January 2017), the benefits of a sufficient potassium supply for the production of high-quality crops will be discussed.

14 Nov 2016

Better Crops with Plant Food, 2016, No. 4

Issue features the use of plant physiology to identify N deficiencies in wheat, nutrient use efficiencies in oil palm nurseries, and much more!

20 Sep 2016

Fun with the Plant Nutrient Team

Activity books are now available for Grades K to 1 and 2 to 3!

14 Jun 2016

Program Report 2016: CONNECTIONS

This year our Program Report provides a selection of short video highlights from just a few examples of our regional collaborations across the world.